Pho & Sushi Recipe: Based on Vietnamese and Japanese Style Cooking

Growing up, I lived in a heavily Vietnamese area. Pho was my favorite thing. Then I moved out of the city and realized, to my dismay, that pho is not as accessible if you don’t live in a culture with a large Vietnamese population. I discovered sushi, which is much more mainstream (although based on Japanese dishes), and fell in love.

I got my first apartment as a senior in college, but it was by no means my first time in the kitchen. I’ve been cooking the household meals for my dad and I since I was a junior or senior in high school, born out of a desire to stop eating just baked chicken with bread crumbs and roasted pork. I’ve been experimenting with various cultural dishes and unique combos since.

Today I’ll focus on two recipes I often eat together: easy-to-make Philadelphia maki roll or crab meat maki roll sushi, and shrimp/chicken pho soup. These recipes are based on the Japanese and Vietnamese recipes found here (pho) and here (sushi). I’ve updated them according my taste and my abilities.

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