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Doll Hospital – Issue 3

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Style Equation Magazine – Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

The Daily Hampshire Gazette – note these articles were published under an alternate first name (click: one, two, three, four)

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Connecticut For Sale (click: one) (click: one, two, three, four) (click: one, two, three)

Dear Hope (click: one, two)

JourneysThroughGrief (click: one)

Persona, Westfield State University’s literary journal – 2012, 2014, 2015

WSU English Department Newsletter (click: one)

Meet the Owner of DamiAnimation, a Visual Arts Blog

I knew of Damian Alexander, who also goes by Dami, before I really even met him. I found his blog, DamiAnimation, while I was searching for my university on the blogging platform Tumblr in the hashtag ‘WSU.’ I was unaware that Damian was a transfer student in my year. I just thought his artwork was beautiful, and I enjoyed his movie reviews.

Fast-forward two years, and I finally interacted with Damian in person. We both became members of the campus literary journal’s editorial board. I was the Fiction Editor and he was the Layout Editor. Soon after, we started taking a course together called The Freelancer, based on learning about freelance writing, editing and design work.

I had a chance to sit down with Damian in the art studios of Parenzo Hall, where he was finishing up some work in his sketchbook. I was able to look through a proof copy of his children’s book, which he is looking to get published, called I Want a Kid and I Don’t Care. It was wonderful to sit down and get a look inside this artist’s mind, especially from the perspective of having read his blog for several years now.

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Loud Hands: Avoiding Autistic Shutdown and Sensory Overload

Normally on a Tuesday, I’d be posting about crafts, fashion and DIY, but surprise–April is Autism Awareness Month! I’ve decided to post more “Loud Hands” series throughout this month for two reasons: 1. it will help me integrate my former blog onto here and 2. it will spread awareness and acceptance. April is a hard month for many autistic folks. There is lots of ableist rhetoric floating around, and I’d like my blog to be a safe space where they can avoid that.

Let’s take a look: what is autistic shutdown? It’s basically the autistic version of getting no sleep and not enough nutrition or water for several days. You know how you feel when you’re running on 3 hours of sleep for work, you didn’t take the time to eat breakfast or drink a glass of water, and you’ve already been sleep deprived for weeks? You don’t remember things. Where do you usually park? Who knows. Was that big project due today to my supervisor? Who knows. Maybe. You forget things. You’re unable to concentrate. Lights seem brighter and you can feel your eyes closing; your body wants to shut down.

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