Here are some samples of pieces I’ve worked on as an editor. You can click on any of the below to read the full piece. By request, I’m happy to provide samples that show my editorial feedback and process. I have worked as an editor on print magazine articles, published nonfiction and fiction books, online magazine/web articles, content marketing, branded content, college/graduate school/scholarship essays, resumes and cover letters, and marketing materials.

Where Are All the People of Color on Young Adult Book Covers? We Need Diverse Books.

When I came out to my mom, I didn’t expect her to come out to me too, Equally Wed.

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How to Stay True to Yourself When You Enter The Workforce, Her Campus.

8 Inappropriate Interview Questions Only Women Hear (& How to Respond), Her Campus.

We’re worthy of God’s love: A queer Methodist on the anti-LGBTQ+ policy, Equally Wed.

What to Do If You Change Your Mind About Grad School, Her Campus.

4 Ways to Pay Down Your Student Debt Super Fast, Her Campus.

4 Reasons Why Having a Side Hustle Can Actually Advance Your Career, Her Campus.

15 Books to Gift, According to Author Rebecca Kim Wells, We Need Diverse Books.

What Wine You Should Bring to Galentine’s, Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Her Campus

A Breakthrough for the Fashion Industry: Ashley Nell Tipton’s Plus-Size Line Wins Project Runway, Her Campus.

How To Ask Your Professor For A Recommendation (Even If You Graduated A Year Ago), Her Campus.

6 Simple Ways to Save for Post-Grad Life Now, Her Campus.

Julie C. Dao on Fairy Tales, Romance, and Her Latest YA Novel, We Need Diverse Books

8 Hiring Deal Breakers That’ll Lose You the Job, Her Campus.

Nabi Music Center: Making Music Education More Accessible, Sound of Boston.

White Square Fine Books & Art: More Than a Good Read, Mass Realty.

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