Review: Minted Sugar’s Erin Condren Dashboards & Ways to Use Them

This week, I finally got my Minted Sugar dashboards/dividers for my Erin Condren planner! I was so happy to pick up the package the day before my birthday, because one of the dashboards I got was a custom version of this one: “Start each day like it’s your birthday.” What perfect timing, since my birthday was March 18.

With a gorgeous planner like Erin Condren, what is the purpose of a dashboard or a planner? In this review, I’m going to also discuss the uses I’ve found for these, and provide some further links to shops that sell adorable dashboards for you to look at.

I ordered two custom dashboards, which are based on Minted Sugar’s existing styles. I ordered them in a size that was compatible with my EC planner, but asked they not be hole-punched so I could attach my coil clips to them and pop them in. I also asked that they have glitter bow tabs in the middle, as some of Minted Sugar’s other styles have.

I’m using my gold foil dots dashboard as more of a ‘dashboard’ or the beginning page in my planner. That way, I open up to something cute when I open my planner. I also use the back, which is white, to store stickers. I reward myself with stickers when I accomplish things, in a kind of middle school way to make success more fun.


I’m using my “birthday” dashboard as a page marker, and it’s kept in the page of the current week. It brightens up my already colorful weeks, and reminds me to “Start each day like it’s my birthday.”

Start each day

I absolutely love both dashboards. Minted Sugar is an excellent shop. They have great customer service, and responded quickly to my custom request, as well as my questions. The dashboards were ordered on Mar. 1 and were delivered to me by Mar. 17. The shipping was fast, only about 3 business days. And when I got them, I fell in love. Both dashboards are extremely well made. They’re durable, laminated, and made of beautiful paper. And the updated style of the font for the “birthday” dashboard is wonderful!

Potential Ways to use a Planner Dashboard/Divider:

  • In the front of your planner, it acts like the front page or the ‘dashboard’ as its known in the planner community
  • On the current week/day, it acts as a bookmark to help you find your page
  • They can be used as dividers, whether you use them to find different months, or sections of your planner like “notes” or “addresses”
  • They can be used to signify special moments, such as if I left one on the week of my birthday to remember that day by

Here are some references to other shops that sell planner dashboards, if you’d like to check them out! Some of these shops do custom orders and others do not.

  • EvelynLane sells dashboards mainly for Erin Condren planners; she does custom orders
  • AllysFiloShop sells dashboards for FiloFax & Erin Condren planners; she does custom orders
  • GlitterGeekery sells dashboards for FiloFax; I’m not sure of their policy on customs
  • PAPERFive sells dashboards for FiloFax; they do not do custom orders
  • QsPlanningPlace sells dashboards for FiloFax and Erin Condren; they do custom orders

Keep in mind that some FiloFax dividers/dashboards can be used in Erin Condren planners if you attach coil clips to them! The shop I purchased from does not have coil clips attached to their dashboards, but they’re willing to send them without holes punched, so I was able to make them work for me nicely! All it takes to turn a dashboard into an EC one is a little ingenuity and $7 coil clips.

Read my post reviewing my Erin Condren planner and discussing my 2015 planner project here.

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Love Always,



Happy crafting!

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